Wood stoves provide heat using the most abundant renewable resource.  Wood is  a carbon neutral fuel, allowing you to provide heat for your home in an economical, environmentally friendly way.


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Free Standing woodstoves offer ambiance and warmth without requiring an existing masonry chimney.  With the ability to be vented straight up through the roof or out the wall and up the side of the house they offer flexibility in installation.  Click hereto browse our manufacturers various styles of efficient wood stoves.  Visit our showroom to see the full lines of stoves in person.

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Wood fireplace inserts offer an efficient way to utilize your existing masonry fireplace.  With many sizes and appearances we are confident you can find an insert to help enhance your living area.


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Zero-Clearance wood fireplaces offer the appearance and warmth of a fireplace but do not require an existing masonary chimney or fireplace.  Zero-Clearance Fireplaces are ideal solutions for new construction or remodelling projects.