Axmen stocks the  full line of Deka batteries from smaller ATV bateries to standard car and truck batteries to Deka Batteries2,000 pound solar batteries.
Deka batteries are made in East Penn, Pennsylvania where they own their own lead plant and smelter their own lead.  Every battery is attached at the top and
bottom plate which contributes to their less than 1% failure rate, well below the national average of 13%.


Pulse Tech ChargerIn addition to batteries Axmen stocks
Pulsetech Desulfating charger.  These chargers are a great investment for the ATV, snowmobile etc owner. For just $95 these chargers can save the battery on your seasonal recreational vehicle!  If it saves just one battery it pays for itslef!



Did You Know…

Batteries in seasonal machines should either be removed and placed on a trickle charger, like a Pulsetech, or the machine should be started every couple of weeks.  This will ensure your machines will start when you are ready to use them again and save you money on replacing batteries.