Free Standing

Free standing wood stoves are an economical, environmentally friendly heating solution that also adds beauty to any room.  Click on the photos below to be directed to the websites of the manufacturers we carry.  If you see a model you are interested in don’t hestiate to call us at (406)728-7020 or Email Us.

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Blaze King® Wood Stoves provide the optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. When wood is initially burned in the firebox of your stove, as much as one-third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King® catalytic combustor stoves capture these gases and materials and “burns” them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney. This capability means greater heat output and cleaner emissions from the wood consumed. Your overall consumption of wood is reduced while your heat output is increased.




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 Featuring Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), Quadrafire stoves offer the best combination of heat and burn time for each load of wood at the optimum efficiency. The patented four-point combustion technology burns the wood gasses and smoke for a cleaner, more efficient burn than ever before.

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Jotul stoves feature patented non-catalytic clean burn technology.  With their handsoe arch designs and large fire viewing areas they are the best selling cast iron woodstoves in North America.


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Hearthstone is known for their soapstone stoves.  With high efficiency secondary burn technology and heavy soapstone comprising the body Hearthstone stoves are an efficient and beautiful way to heat your home.