It's not the things that move us as much as their story...

1921 Audiola RadioI was impressed when a customer offerred the Museum a mint, 1921 Audiola Radio.  I was way more impressed by who had owned it.

The man was Truman Deede and he joined the Marines in 1939. He was stationed at Corregidor when it fell to the Japanese. That brought him to the infamous Bataan Death March. He and many survivors of the march were loaded on ships and sent to Japan as POW slave labor. Truman spent three and a half years in Nagasaki working in a coal mine with about 700 other Americans. One day they were preparing to go underground when B-29's flew over. They dove for cover as the world turned bluish white. Truman survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and returned to the US weighing 87 pounds.

Oh - this was his radio.  A 1921 Audiola crystal set. This was the first radio made by what would later become Audiovox.