PitchforkA long time friend and customer, Ewald Herman, came up to me one day and handed me a pitchfork. Ewald doesn't say much. This time he said "here". It was a handmade, obviously very old, all wood pitchfork. I asked Ewald to tell me more. He said "for the museum". It took a while to get the rest, but here it is. 

Ewalds mother was a Russian peasant. She had heard of a place called America where people didn't get killed or imprisoned at the whim of whoever was in power. She decided to go and she packed her most prized posessions that she could bring. The pitchfork that her mother had given her was taken apart and brought to America. She settled as a homesteader in South Dakota.

Imagine the the courage it took to make the decision to leave almost everything you know - to take a chance.

I think of that everytime I look up.

Thanks Ewald.