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Domestic Hot Water

Viessman Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems by Viessmann

Viessmann Solar Hot Water Systems

With over 30 years of experience in the solar industry, Viessmann offers one of the most advanced and trusted solar programs on the market.

Harnessing the sun's power to heat your water system is a great way to conserve energy, especially in today's world where traditional energy costs are rising dramatically.  With global temperatures continuing to rise, solar hot water has become the fastest growing energy solution in Europe, and is rapidly increasing in the United States as well.

The Viessmann solar domestic hot water system is a sealed pressurised solar system with unique features built-in to every component. It’s the most advanced complete solar heating system available and is totally consistent with our commitment to providing maximum efficiency, high performance and total reliability.

Viessmann solar domestic hot water systems are a unique and sophisticated complete solar system that can be installed with any existing heating appliance. The system has five major components – Solar Thermal Collectors, Solar Storage Tanks, Solar Control SystemsPumping & Heat Transfer Stations,  and Heating Boilers.



Viessmann Solar Panels and Collectors1. Solar Collectors

High-performance vacuum tube and flat plate collectors for hot water, pool, space or process water heating and solar cooling applications. Exceptional construction with highly effective surfaces that absorb sunlight and impact-resistant solar glass. CSA and SRCC™ certified.

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Viessmann Solar Storage Tanks2. Solar Storage Tanks

High-quality Viessmann made stainless steel or enamel-lined steel domestic hot water storage tanks from 42 to 119 USG; single and dual-coil options available. Easy integration as DHW preheat systems to conventional hot water heaters, or utilizing heating boiler backup.

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Viessmann Solar Energy Controls3. Solar Control Systems

Digital differential temperature controls for single or multi-load solar systems and a complete set of communication accessories for system monitoring and data logging.

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4. Pumping & Heat Transfer Stations

Fast and professional installations with convenient pre-fabricated and fully wired pumping stations. The Solar-Divicon model allows for easy connection to internal coil tanks, while the Solar-Divicon-HX incorporates an external heat exchanger for connection to any storage tank. The essential link between collectors and tank, it handles all hydraulic and safety functions of your system.

5. Heating Boilers

A complete line of state-of-the-art high efficiency condensing and non-condensing gas, oil and wood-fi red boilers for use as primary space heating source and backup for solar DHW heating.